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Lola et ses frères, Nolita Cinéma

What is a "Société à mission"?

In 2020, Kaplan became a “Société à Mission” (equivalent to benefit corporation).

According to the legislation, a "Société à Mission" is a company who must define a social and environmental purpose beyond profit and binds itself to pursue specific sustainability goals.

Our goals

Our purpose is “to act as a driver of change in the TV and film industry”.

In order to achieve this mission, we have set three main goals :
– Support transparency and revenue sharing in the industry
– Support employees well being
– Taking social and environmental factors into account in our decisions

De Plus Belle, Nolita Cinema

De Plus Belle, Nolita Cinema

Annual Mission Reports

The annual mission report details actions and strategies deployed by Kaplan to achieve its goals.

The first annual report of 2020 contains the elements that led Kaplan to become a Société à Mission, an introduction of the members of the Committee and a summary of both Committee's sessions of 2020.