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Call My Agent, Mon Voisin Productions/Mother Production

KAPLAN is an independent company and its team keeps a strong entrepreneurial mindset. We constantly seek to improve our services and offer new services to our clients.

Secondary Rights

KAPLAN administers and collects producers rights from collective management organizations.

These secondary rights include various revenues generated by major TV broadcasts in numerous countries: private copying, cable and satellite transmission rights, IPTV, set top boxes, NPVR, public broadcast, educational uses.

We collect revenue from more than 25 countries thanks to strong relationships with collective management organization and ground-breaking data management and tracking tools: Agicoa, Angoa, CRC, Filmjus, Intergram, Procibel, Procirep, Upfar-Argoa, Videma, Screenrights

Based on thorough production contract review, we register each production's rights in collective management organizations. We also manage potential conflicts of rights.

To ensure the highest security for its clients' revenue, Kaplan collects amounts on a dedicated bank account under the French receivables collection regulation. Kaplan is therefore registered before the Paris court of law and has concluded a specific insurance policy with Axa.

We monitor broadcasts on more than 170 TV channels worldwide in order to list and claim unpaid broadcasts.

We quarterly repay collected amounts minus our commission fee. Repayments come along with detailed revenue statements available in a secured cloud.


KAPLAN offers a full production royalty management service.

The aim is to share film and series revenues between rightsholders (broadcasters, scriptwriters, directors, actors, coproducers…) in accordance with legal regulation. We administer royalties for global hits such as The Bureau (The Oligarchs Productions) or Call My Agent (Mon Voisin Productions, Mother Production).

We ensure in-depth analysis of all rightholder contracts (creators, writers, directors, commissionners, coproducers...), as well as production cost and financing review.

We collect and review distribution statements, to establish the royalty statement structure.

We import all data in our proprietary software and generate all rightholder royalty statements.

We send yearly royalty statements to all rightsholders and anwser all related questions. Statements are the available for producers in an secure online space.

De Plus Belle, Nolita Cinema

De Plus Belle, Nolita Cinema

Les Invisibles, Storia Television

Les Invisibles, Storia Television

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